Monday, 29 August 2011

On the mend

I’m slowly getting better, I can now bend my arm up pretty much as far as I could before.  I can straighten it in some planes but not in others and I can’t rotate it or put too much pressure on the muscles in my fore-arm. It still hurts and I still need to be careful.  I have been able to get out on the bike at last though.

Monday, Jayne and I rode out to Bonds for an ice cream.  It ended up being the nicest day of the week weather wise and about 16 miles was just right for my first proper ride.

Tuesday we went up to the Lakes, just mooching around the shops.  Wednesday I had to stay in to get new faster broadband switched over.  Waited in all day, they finally did it at 3:30.

Thursday we did a lot.  Jayne and I rode out to Barton Grange in the morning, stopping for a nice cake.  26 miles covered.  Then in the evening me and Jamie rode to the Plough for me to initiate him into Bomber and Garlic Chicken, which he enjoyed.

Not done much since, mostly reading.  Just finished Embassytown by China Mieville.  Very weird and hard going in places but always good.  I’v also just finished Simon Morden’s Theories of Flight, second in the three part Samuil Petrovich series.  Set in a post apocalypse London of the near future, it offers some thoughts on science, society, AI and politics.

Miles for the last 4 weeks:





Total for the year so far 3375

Shortfall – 535



Monday, 15 August 2011

Still Healing

My knee is healing pretty well, just the deepest of the cuts still scabbed over. It still hurts if I kneel down, but otherwise OK.

My elbow is also much better. I almost have full movement back but it aches. On Saturday I tried to do some DIY and while trying to push a cable back into a clip, my arm spasmed and locked up for a second. Apparently I went white for a bit. Afterwards it was OK though. My little finger and ring finger go a bit tingly if I do too much.

I rode out to the pub on Sunday evening. It was OK apart from the right turn into the pub when I tried to look over my shoulder and only had my left hand on the bars. It seems I can't control the bike with my bad arm.

It was Jamie's 18th birthday on Sunday. Can't believe my youngest is 18! Got him an xbox and guitar hero. Spent most of Sunday trying to get xbox Live working through my router. How non-IT people cope with these things I don't know. It took all my knowledge to get it going.

Anyway 5.5 miles for the week. At least its something.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Zero Miles

Still recovering. My arm is much better, although it did lock up completely on Saturday night. I can now bend it enough to be able to touch my face, so I can almost eat normally. I can't put too much pressure on it still, so cutting food is a bit of a problem, but manageable if I take my time. I thought my knee was healing nicely, a lot of the scabs are already coming off. However, the main deep cut feels very tight. I did some DIY yesterday and couldn't kneel down without it feeling sore. This morning I managed to open up the worst bit getting out of bed. It didn't start bleeding, just cracked the scab open. I'll have to see how it goes. Probably another week off the bike though.